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The OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group Limited manufactures Labels & flexible packaging.
Quality, service and innovation define OPM.
OPM offer consistent and Reliable Product Quality, Short Lead-Times / Speed-to-Market, Prompt, Responsive Service with a dedicated customer support team.
Fully equipped Esko Studio for artwork and repro file preparation.
A secure “smart” site with automated workflows, provides Full Traceability and Validation of Raw Material and Product. Within a framework of Total Quality Management, all of our products are produced to ISO 9001:2008, BRC/IoP Global Standard Food Packaging standards Grade AA and PS9000:2011, (Dedicated low migration ink site)
OPM know how to get the look you want and how to help your product compete at retail.
OPM know how to select the best materials to ensure that your packaging performs on your production lines, during shipping, at retail, and after the consumer takes it home.
We do this through understanding your markets and challenges, delivering innovation and new insights for your packaging to succeed.