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Arca Etichette provides complete “self-adhesive solutions” for packaging, tracking and identification.
High quality proposals designed for the manufacturing industry, in the chemical/pharmaceutical, food
and durable goods sectors.
Arca’s Label division makes use of all traditional or digital print technologies, providing decorative
labels, as well as sleeves, security labels, multipage promotional labels, logistics (RFID) and special
labels for the most varied uses. The Systems division, on the other hand, produces labelers and print
apply units of the highest quality, designed for use in industrial environments, resistant to the most demanding production workloads. Arca’s labeling and variable data printing systems are sold and appreciated the world over, including absolutely innovative solutions such as our Linerless and “Quick Opening” labelers (facilitating the opening of products).
Arca Etichette guarantees a tried and tested combination of machinery and consumables! Your
one-stop specialist in self-adhesive technology, taking care of all aspects of your labeling projects
and the perfect compatibility of all components.

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